SAR Tiki Rock On

Liver Chestnut Stallion ~ 15.1hh ~ 4/11/2004 ~ SCID/CA negative ~ AHR*611314 ~ PShA Approved Sire

Rock posing all clean and nice before his PShA inspection.

Rock and his PShA Inspection crew

Rock with Celena, Carol and the Inspectors from the PShA.


Rock Pedigree

~ Great grandson of Kontiki, the only Arabian to be inducted into the Thoroughbred Hall of Fame.
~ Proven Endurance Stallion
~ Incredible temperament and aptitude for learning new things
~ Performance Proven bloodlines, including Abu Farwa, Nazeer, Ofir, Witez II, Patron, and other greats.
~ 17 Top Ten finishes – 4 wins, 7 BC’s
~ Outstanding recoveries

SAR Tiki Rock On was born and raised at Sabiq Arabian Ranch. At seven years old, Ron and Carol sent him to Darlene Merlich, an experienced endurance rider, to be campaigned. Rock and Darlene hit it off famously and completed successfully for 4 endurance seasons. In that time Rock completed over 1200 endurance miles, earning numerous top tens and seven Best Condition awards.

Rock finished the grueling Tevis Cup in 2014, along side his full brother, SAR Tiki FS Warrior.

Darlene and Rock’s Tevis Story

Foresthill RockD

Darlene Merlich and SAR Tiki Rock On, coming into Forest Hill, Tevis 2014.

As a stallion on the endurance circuit, Rock was repeatedly complimented on his outstanding manners in camp and on the trail. Many riders commented that they didn’t even know they were riding alongside a stallion. The veterinarians at Bend Equine, where Rock is collected, always comment on how Rock is one of their favorite stallions to work with, due to his good manners and manageability.

Rock Collecting.jpg

Rock loves Bend Equine. He doesn’t need a tease mare for his collections, much preferring the phantom.

Rock was injured in a tragic pasture accident in late 2015, suffering a proximal humeral fracture to his right shoulder. Against the odds, Rock has returned to riding and breeding soundness.

While he will not return to endurance competition, Rock is happy to be dabbling in Equine Trail Sports and Cowboy Dressage, doing some trail riding, and getting to chase a few cows, oh and breed a mare (or the phantom!) when asked.

Rock has tested negative for all congenital syndromes.

SAR Tiki Rock On Etalon Dx Results