SAR does the Trout Lake 100

A post by SAR trainer, Celena Pentrack!2019 Trout Lake 100 💪- In the books!SAR had a great weekend- where we worked as a true team. I didn’t get any pictures but wanted to post our 3 rockstars from the weekend so you all can see our kids.Carol Giles rode Frodo on his 1st LD of the season. He’s one of our upcoming stars, and I was honored to have Carol guide him through his big learning experiences this weekend. I can’t ask for a better training partner. When I passed her on one of the loops she was calmly walking in the wrong direction- re-directing his brain, and applying all of our training philosophies full tilt. It made my heart so happy.. I love this lady and the horse, and he’s got 2 moms that will help guide him into something extraordinary… slow, correct and steady is how we do it. Thank you Carol .❤️Ron Sproat rode SAR Wileysmokescoyote on the 50. Riding with Lois Fox, they had a great, steady ride together. They started at a calm walk in the back of the pack, just the way we like these youngsters to develop. He’s got tons of potential ready to unleash in a couple years… watch out for these handsome devils 😛..Last but certainly not least.. I rode OMR Prophet on her first 100. I was signed up for the 75, but after a week of Carol’s confident support I decided she was as ready as she can be. For those that don’t know this mare, she has been a very fun challenge for me. I’ve spent 4.5 years bringing her along in the sport.. and I’m not short on broken fingers,blood, sweat, tears and frustration. She has taught me more about patience and acceptance than any other horse in my lifetime (except for maybe thunder). She took the last 4.5 years and put it all together on Saturday. I rode her out of camp at a walk on a loose rein, she didn’t put more than 3 lbs of weight in my hands for the entire first loop. I knew at that moment she would make the 100 miles if gremlins stayed away. Second loop she got passed and galloped up on by 50’s. She kept her cool- which is rare. She ate like it was her last meal every single vet check. She took care of me when I only had one eye to see with for 70 miles. She charged around camp like she owned the place at the finish (12:15am) She came in 2nd out of 8, and got a vet score of 450!!! Won high vet score – and looked the same at the finish as she did at the start. Incredible war mare.. I adore her tenacity and ability to face anything with a “watch out… I got this” attitude. she even stood still enough for a long hug this morning 😊❤️

Special thanks to all involved with EDRA on such a highly organized and well put together ride. SAR is thrilled to support and be a part of this group. I’m very grateful to all that supported me through the 100.I got the pleasure of having Carol Giles as my crew which was the best gift anyone could ask for. My favorite part was when she met me in the middle of the last loop to visit, give support and feed my hungry girl. She forced me to eat when I forgot, and she held the nonstop wiggler when I didn’t have the energy to. Between her and Ron Sproat, they doctored my eye injury and made it possible to keep going. I love our SAR family so much, it brings tears to my eyes just writing this.Cheers to 3 Fabulous SAR/OMR horses, kicking butt at another ride❤️❤️

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