Ready for a clinic at SAR this summer?

We are working on putting together a really fun 2-3 day clinic at the ranch this summer. There will be a flat fee to include all days, as well as an audit fee for those that want to come without a horse. Here’s what I’m thinking, but want input from all of you!

Friday evening and Saturday = series of mini topic sessions. Some will be with active participants, some will be observation and question/answer.

Topic ideas:
Building a relationship with roundpen work

Strength/flexibility/suppling exercises in roundpen- and importance of.

Groundwork in big arena

Spooky horses/ obstacle work

Basic centered riding principles (rider biomechanics)

Stretching for riders

Checking saddle fit

Horse Behavior issues (students horses will supply the issues😊)

Sunday would be private or small group lessons all day- followed by a group trail ride around the ranch to introduce passing/rating/separation techniques.

BBQ at the ranch on Saturday night, and lunches will be included.

I’m welcoming ALL of your ideas so I can put this together to best suit everyone’s wishes and needs!

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