SAR goes to the Grizzly in the Outback Ride!

First ride of the year “Grizzly in the Outback” was a huge success! SAR Dragon Rider and Carol Giles finished strong in 8th place. SAR Valiant Heart and Ron Sproat finished 5th and also won Best in Class. OMR Prophet and Celena Pentrack placed 3rd and were all smiles.. all day 😊. *Also pictured is Tani Bates on Flash who paired up nicely with Ron and Val*. SAR Tiki Eclipse and SAR Smokey Phantom both finished the 25 miler with Lynne Walters and Cheri Van Bebber on board, respectively.

SAR Grizzly

Lynne Walters and Lumpy, SAR Tiki Eclipse

Lynne and Lumpy got together to complete the 25 miler.

Lumpy and Lynne got a pep talk from Charleen before heading out on their final loop. 

Cheri Van Bebber and her girl, SAR Smokey Phantom finished the 25 miler! 

Phantom loved the yummy mash provided by ride management!

Thank you Ansley, aka Pancake, for your help crewing!

Darlene and Max and all the volunteers did an incredible job with the last minute venue change- and we are all so grateful❤️. Well done EDRA! Huge shout out to the Tribby’s and the US Forest Service as well. We are proud to be a part of this amazing community of horse advocates!

Thank you to Jala Neufeld for the awesome pictures.. we love seeing your smiling face out there!

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